General Engineering & Environmental Companies, INC (GEEC) personnel have completed over 500 projects in the industrial, petro-chemical, municipal, and public works fields.  These projects are located throughout the Gulf South area ranging in size up to $50 million.  GEEC has developed particular experience in the fields of water, natural gas, and waste-water systems; reinforced concrete structures; highways and bridges; sheet-pilings cofferdams; bayou, wetlands, and river crossings; cost estimating; and construction management.

GEEC is a full-service Engineering and Surveying Company.

GEEC offers a complete complement of professional and technical services to public and private clients.

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GEEC provided a wide array of services for the BP MC-252 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill including Snorkel SCAT, SCAT team leads, boom deployment, and logistical and marine support. GEEC has logged over 100,000 man hours on the spill with a perfect safety record.


GEEC recently engineered and managed the installation of the (PILOT) offshore berthing station for offshore drilling rigs to berth, refuel, and re-supply their rigs with essential items before returning to sea. This project made the environment priority number one in every phase of its inception and installation.

Ortemond Artificial Reef

GEEC often works closely with the Coastal Conservation Association in assisting their efforts to foster habitats beneficial to Louisiana redfish populations. One example of such projects is the maintaining of the Ortemond artificial reef located off of Cypremort Point. As shown above, GEEC worked to ensure navigation buoys properly identified the location of the reef.