Elevation/Flood Certfication

A foundation elevation survey (level survey) determines the relative elevations of critical points of your home’s foundation, or in other words, how level (out of level) the foundation has become. The survey provides documentation of the elevations. These surveys do not expire and are required to ensure that all new buildings adhere to proper flood and elevation requirements.
Elevation certificates for construction properties are available and help determine if a property is located within a designated flood zone.

Key Benefits:

  • Provides the flood zone determination made by FEMA.
  • Provides the critical elevations of building structures.
  • Helps insurance companies and banks understand the risk they are insuring or financing.

The Elevation Certificate is a document that ensures a building meets the minimum elevation requirements. FEMA requires buildings located in a Special Flood Hazard Area to be properly elevated and vented to minimize the risk of flood damage. Information recorded in this document is required to confirm compliance with the community floodplain management ordinances. A certificate not only provide floor elevations for buildings, but the additional survey information collected is provided for insurance purposes.