Hydrographic Surveying

Since GEEC’s inception in 1988, the Surveying Division has been a strength and defining characteristic of the company.  GEEC’s technical knowledge and expertise, proficiency in logistics, and team-first approach provides a unique blend that allows GEEC to complete projects in innovative and efficient ways, and GEEC’s hydrographic surveying is no exception.  In particular, as the company and staff stay up to date with new and exciting technological advances, the hydrographic surveying done by GEEC has become an area of continuous growth and development that has led to an increasingly impressive array of works accomplished in capable fashion.

GEEC has experience surveying notable projects ranging from dock facilities to pipeline crossings and beyond.  For instance, in 2008 GEEC completed the pre and post dredge hydrographic surveys of the Pensacola Dock Facility for TransMontaigne Terminaling Company.  Significantly, since 2011 GEEC has maintained a close relationship with the non-profit Coastal Conservation Association.  GEEC has completed numerous projects for CCA, and takes particular interest in hydrographic surveys of artificial reefs that promote the well-being of local ecosystems.  Drawing from substantial past works, GEEC is capable of using a variety of equipment to undertake a diverse range of projects.

GEEC surveys off of 22’ and 50’ survey boats which are capable of operating in a multitude of areas. Hydrographic equipment used ranges from multi-beam with backscatter data acquisition and towed side scan to the latest in Phase Differencing Bathymetric Sonar or inferometric sonar according to the needs of the project.  In addition to the tools used for bathymetric surveys, GEEC has utilized specialty marine tools such as magnetometers and sub-bottom profilers.  Some of the equipment available for use are as follows:

  • Reson 7125 dual frequency (200-400khz)
  • Edgetech 6205 Swath Bathymetry & Side Scan Combined 550khz – Built in real time SVP
  • Edgetech 4125P Side Scan towed system
  • SBG Ekinox-D w/RTK (Heading, Pitch, Roll, Heave and RTK GPS)
  • Atlas GPS Reciever for 8-10cm Correction Service
  • Odom Digibar Pro sound velocity profiler
  • Valeport Tidemaster Tide Gauge

GEEC has an exemplary record for both personal safety on watercraft and for operating responsibility in environmentally sensitive coastal zones, and when combined with qualified hydrographic surveyors turns challenging works into effective solutions.

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