Pipeline Surveying

GEEC’s professional surveyors utilize the state-of-the art technologies such as electronic field books, total station and global positioning systems (GPS) to give our customer the most accurate surveys.  GEEC personnel have completed over 100 River Crossing Cover Surveys for Williams Pipeline Company to ensure compliance with DOT regulations for pipeline cover for River Crossings.

For pipeline operators, timely, accurate surveys are needed to move projects forward and meet local and federal requirements. GEEC’s role in building and maintaining natural gas and liquid pipelines stems from the foundation of our business: surveying. Our experience extends from preliminary survey and right-of-way acquisition for large, interstate pipelines to a range of maintenance projects to assure the integrity of valuable pipeline assets.

Full-Service Solutions

GEEC offers complete survey solutions for pipeline projects, from preliminary survey to construction staking and the final as-builts. Additionally, with our complementary capabilities in pipeline design and integrity, GEEC offers full-service solutions to improve project efficiency and convenience for operators.

Integrity Survey

Proper integrity management is essential to extending pipeline design life, ensuring safety, avoiding costly downtime and meeting regulatory requirements. As part of GEEC’s end-to-end integrity solutions, comprehensive integrity survey services, including:
* Current requirement testing
* Current potential mapping
* CIS – Close Interval Survey potential survey
* Depth of cover surveys
* Sub-meter GPS line locating


GEEC’s capability to deliver sub-centimeter accuracy survey data comes from the combination of our experienced, professional staff who have conducted large-scale pipeline surveys across the country and with our best-in-field technology.

Want to learn more about GEEC’s Pipeline Surverying? Download our Pipeline Surveying Tri-fold Brochure here.

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