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  • Todd Farrar

    Todd is the President of GEEC. He is our Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) with many years of experience, working in both the environmental and engineering fields. Todd holds PLS licensing in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

    Todd was a head consultant with Polaris Applied Sciences on the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill. On the oil spill, he acted as a SCAT Team Lead in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Todd (along with Brandon) pioneered the Snorkel SCAT technique that has been extensively used to find oil mats and other oil in the near shore. Since Snorkel SCAT’s development, Todd has been in charge of its design and implementation.

    Todd is a graduate of both the University of North Texas and Louisiana State University.

  • Harrison Farrar

    Harrison has been a Registered Engineer and Land Surveyor for over 45 years and is the Chief Engineer. Harrison’s expertise is in marine, mechanical and civil engineering. Harrison has completed over 475 projects with a completed construction value in excess of $1.5 billion as principal project engineer and/or constructor in the industrial, municipal, and public works fields.

    Harrison has developed particular experience int he field of cross-country pipelines: pipeline bayou and river crossings, pipeline marsh construction, process piping, water and wastewater treatment facilities, pumping facilities, reinforced concrete structures, marine structures including sheet-piling cofferdams, cost estimating and construction management.

    Harrison also holds OSHA certifications in hazardous materials as well as general health and safety. Harrison is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University, and is a native of Farmerville, Louisiana.

  • Brandon W. Farrar

    Brandon is the acting Project Manager and Director of Business Development for GEEC. Brandon’s project management experience is primarily in the construction field working on oil and gas pipelines, terminal facilities, and petrochemical plants. Brandon has completed many dynamic projects in all phases of engineering and construction.

    Brandon has also logged over 8,200 hours of working time on the BP MC-252 oil spill working in several different positions along the way. Some of these positions include Boom Deployment Manager for Apalachicola Bay, Team Lead for SCAT, SCAT Liaison, and most importantly he helped his brother (Todd) pioneer Snorkel SCAT which developed new techniques for finding and reporting oil in the near-shore.

  • Tyson Obrien

    Tyson is the Environmental and Planning Data Analyst for GEEC. Tyson creates the work processes, analyzes their effectiveness, and also coordinates with team members of varying professions. He has a background in environmental and engineering services, as well as in surveying and architecture.

    Tyson was a key component in developing the intricate database BP used to drive and track response from the BP Deepwater Horizon Incident. Tyson’s knowledge of oil spill response was also facilitated for the Exxon’s Silvertip Incident in Billings, Montana.

    Tyson is a graduate of Louisiana State University and holds degrees in Construction Management and Architecture. Tyson currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • Luke Caden

    Luke is the Controller and Operations Manager for GEEC. He also works with our business development department. He has a background in public accounting and has spent the last few years working in the environmental field. Most recently Luke has logged numerous hours working on the BP Deepwater Horizon Spill. In the field Luke has performed work along side Snorkel SCAT and survey teams while maintaining his duties as Controller and Operations Manager of the company.

    Luke is a graduate of the University of Houston where he has both his undergraduate degree in Accounting as well as his Masters of Science in Accountancy. He hails from Sugar Land, Texas, but currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • Ralph Goodson

    Ralph is our Sr. Party Chief at GEEC with over 40 years of survey experience. Since joining GEEC, Ralph has taken part in a wide variety of projects. Starting with the BP Deepwater Horizon Response location of existing oil mats in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. He is skilled in survey techniques for hydrographic, route, pipeline, boundary, topographic, construction layout, and more. He is well versed on a vast selection of up-to-date land and hydrographic surveying equipment, and is also proficient at processing collected data through the requisite software programs.